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Never out of staff with Amstaff

No recruiting headaches. Just focus on your idea! We'll hunt down a web3 whiz from anywhere on the planet in just one day.


We've got your back if:


You'd rather put your energy into perfecting your product, promoting your idea, or developing your service instead of wrestling with recruitment hassles.

You need the freedom to quickly scale up or down your team, whether it's because of unpredictable market shifts or looming project deadlines.

You're not in the mood to spend months on the hunt for that top-tier specialist.

You want to save your budget on internal recruiting departments.


You're not able to verify the reliability of freelancers you are working with.

Services we provide 

Team Boost

Turbocharge your workforce with our remote experts for short or long missions.

Forget labor laws, office troubles, and HR headaches. Just results.


Talent Hunt 

Our talent scouts will find your ideal team members, anywhere, anytime. 


Get the first candidate search at just 50% of their monthly salary, and we offer free candidate replacement within one month.


Java Script

Solidity is employed in blockchain for crafting smart contracts that define the rules and logic governing DApps and interactions on blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

JavaScript is a prevalent choice in blockchain development, with Node.js serving as a popular runtime environment for building blockchain applications.

Ideal for creating secure smart contracts on Ethereum, offering a Python-like syntax for simplicity.


Java enables the development of secure and robust technologies for managing and recording blockchain transactions, ensuring reliability and stability.

Python is utilized for developing transparent digital agreements in blockchain and smart systems, such as chatbots or recommendation engines.

Rust allows us to construct robust and efficient blockchain technology, ensuring secure and swift transactions and data management.


TypeScript opens up opportunities for enhancing blockchain applications with strong typing and improved development tools, reducing errors and vulnerabilities.


With the help of C++ you can build the core technology for secure and efficient transactions in blockchain and smart systems for data analysis in AI.

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Startup bosses drowning in the day-to-day grind of running their show.


Bigwigs like Engineering Chiefs, Hiring Honchos, and Procurement Pros who want a stash of job-ready candidates on speed dial, plus an easy way to bulk up or slim down their workforce in a snap.


Companies that just scored big investments and need to beef up their squad with top-tier talent to turbocharge their moneymaking machine.

We work with


Our case


Our client was on a mission to build a DeFi platform, a decentralized beast for trading web3 assets. They wanted transparency, reliability, and total autonomy.

Client's Mission:
Client's Desperation:

With funds in hand and the need for rapid growth, they had to whip up their own token and marry it to the platform. They decided to change lanes and become kings in the decentralized finance arena. But building an in-house team? Nah, they wanted to crush it without that headache. Enter Amstaff.

Tech Demands:

They needed Solidity, React, and Node.js wizards, and they needed them yesterday.

Amstaff provided a team of qualified Solidity developers in less than 48 hours.

Amstaff unleashed a squad of Solidity sorcerers in less than 48 hours. The client had their pick of the litter. Having a Solidity ace onboard turbocharged their engine. No long hiring rituals, just get it done. They birthed their platform's token on time, no fuss, no waste. 


The client dug working with Amstaff so much, they doubled down. Two more recruits joined the party: a React maestro and a Node.js ninja.

They choose us because of our 

Industry focus

Amstaff's specialization in Web3 grants a deeper understanding of the market compared to competitors.

Diverse Talent Pool

Using internal candidate database and networking, Amstaff sources specialists proficient in various Web3 technologies from across the globe.

Flexible Pricing

Offering various pricing options based on candidate specialization, experience, location, and other criteria, Amstaff provides cost-effective solutions.

Quality Assurance

The staff we select for you undergoes a four-stage verification process before their resume reaches you.

Smart HR

Amstaff handles all employee-related matters, including motivation support, vacations, sick leave, and professional development.


Need a candidate? Bam, resume in your inbox in a day.

What if you were searching for specialists independently:


Independently searching for and qualifying a recruiting department, implementing new processes, and integrating them with existing ones would consume a minimum of one month.


Building an in-house recruiting department comes at a significant cost. If the hourly cost for the entire team (including managers conducting final interviews, sourcing personnel, drafting job descriptions, conducting interviews, onboarding, training, etc.) is $100 per hour, the expense of establishing such a department would range from $16,000 to $45,000, and it would take 1-3 months.


Training novice recruiters to initiate the hiring process could take a minimum of 2-3 months. In contrast, experienced recruiters with extensive candidate databases might complete the process in as little as 2 weeks. However, for novice recruiters, this process could extend to 2-3 months.


Managing various aspects such as labor laws across different countries, handling vacations and sick leaves, maintaining physical offices, providing necessary equipment, employee motivation, skill enhancement, protracted hiring and firing procedures, offering social packages, and more—all of these activities disperse your focus, hinder flexibility, and limit efficiency.


If we don't have the right specialist, we'll quickly find and qualify engineers using our candidate database and network at no cost.

Without Amstaff, setting up a recruitment department can cost $20,000 to $50,000 and take 2 to 6 months. If the department is already running, it's $5,000 to $7,500 and 2 to 3 months.

With Amstaff, clients can hire our specialists within a day.

With us, it's free and takes 1 to 60 days.

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Need a badass developer who can code like a machine?

Request Top Talent Now!

Work model:
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Team Boost

Supercharge your team with our remote experts, no recruiting costs, no HR headaches, just results.

Talent Hunt

Our scouts find your dream team, anytime, anywhere, half-price first search, one-month talent guarantee.

  • How do I contact Amstaff to get started?
    Simple. Reach out through our website, email, or LinkedIn. We're here to help.
  • How does the talent selection process work?
    We've got an eagle eye for the best. We handpick talent that fits your needs and culture like a glove, checking their English and skills in our 4-step onboarding.
  • What kind of talent can Amstaff provide?
    We specialize in AI, AR/VR and blockchain, but we can wrangle any tech pro you need, from developers to designers.
  • What's the level of control I have over the team?
    Total. You manage the team like they're in-house, without the HR and recruitment hassle.
  • What's the contract length for talent engagement?
    As long as you need. From short projects to ongoing support, it's your call.
  • What if I want to make changes?
    Easy. We're flexible. You call the shots; we make it happen.
  • Can I hire a single specialist or a whole team?
    Absolutely. Whether it's one ace developer or a dream team, we've got you covered.
  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with the talent provided?
    Unhappy? Unheard of. But if it happens, we'll replace them pronto. Your satisfaction comes first.
  • What if I need specialized tech skills not listed on your website?
    Challenge accepted. Just let us know your needs, and we'll hunt down the specialists you require.


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